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Lagkage with a new look

I love Danish lagkage! There are many versions of lagkage and you can pile up a wide variety of crazy ingredients for your own version which makes me very excited! My favorite creation is layered raspberry cake and chocolate cake filled with whole raspberries, cream cheese and fresh whipped cream icing. Cakes are also soaked in raspberry coulis, which has no added sugar. You may also find a few crunchy chocolate nougat jumping around in your mouth. All the elements are put together to achieve my version of lagkage; not too sweet, not too rich, just right – with an added surprise! After I nail the flavor, I like to use seasonal fruit and herbs to decorate – the herbs are from my own little garden, which makes my cakes extra special. I do enjoy picking some fresh leafs and putting them on the cake to give them a finished fresh touch.

There are two looks I normally do for a lagkage:

One with dripping chocolate sauce, chocolate sails, cream dots and fruit. Another one is just simply piling it up with strawberries, but with two added pieces of hand made sugar roses. You can see both from my album. The last picture is the inside of the cake, once you cut it, you will see how vivid the colors are inside! There are no artificial coloring added in the cake or in the cream, I promise.

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