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3D cakes

3D cakes take a lot of time; from baking, curving, frosting to covering and more time to decorate. If I had to go crazy with more details, it would seem like it could take me forever! But the result is worth all the time – it’s cool, very cool! Once I see a complete 3D cake, all the hard work has paid off. Then I just wait for the “wow” from my customers.

Normally I use chocolate cake for 3D cakes. There are 3 reasons for that:

  1. It tastes great! Who would say no to a piece of rich and gooey chocolate cake covered with sweet marshmallow paste? Chocolate cake also balances the sweetness.

  2. Chocolate cake is easier to curve and structure. It won’t crumble as much when I shape the cake.

  3. A 3D cake is last minute business, it is not like other cakes. Most of the decorations are made before then put together at the end. A 3D cake, from covering with sugar paste to the finished product happens in one go. So the whole cake will stay in a room for 1-2 days until finished. It definitely has a longer shelf life.

Here you can see how I made a dinosaur cake and also some 3D car cake pictures.


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