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Located on Ahlgade 18, Holbaek, Mr. Mu is the second restaurant after the success of Yeah Sushi, a charming take-away sushi restaurant on Blindestraede 2. The owner created Mr. Mu to host guests who enjoy food and especially Asian infused dishes.

To complete the fine dining experience, Mr. Mu and Sweet Lab worked together and designed a dessert menu, which perfectly matches and enhances the meals served at Mr. Mu.

There are three cakes from Sweet lab served at Mr. Mu:

1.Mango Mousse (Gluten free)

An almond cake covered in mango mousse, topped with dark chocolate, Lakrids mousse dots and chocolate nougat.

2. Gateau Marcel (Gluten free / Nuts free)

Chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and caramel passionfruit couli.

3.Paleo Mousse cake (Gluten, egg, dairy, refined sugar free, vegetarian)

Raspberry and nut mousse cake. Contains almonds, cashew nuts, dates, coconut oil, honey and coconut sugar.

Book a table at Mr. Mu by visiting homepage at or call us at 59431828.

We are waiting for you to come and try our authentic Asian cuisine and delicious cakes from Sweet Lab.

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